Rise Up Ibiza


2nd EDITION – FROM MAY 17th to 21st, 2018

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Serve Peace and Native Peoples' Human Rights.

The 2nd International Congress for PEACE in Ibiza, including native peoples of different parts of the world, religious representatives, doctors, psychologists, scientists, guardians and protectors of the planet.

Meet and talk with guardians of traditions, wise men and women
and activists working for a better world.

Healers of Humanity and Protectors of Mother Earth

From ancestral traditions to the latest technologies.

Receive several healing sessions and key coaching tools, discover the latest technologies, inventions and innovations. Gathering of the strength of Wellness, health and spiritual communities in Ibiza.

Awakening of Consciousness

To create together a sustainable civilization of collaboration, caring and support.

Activate the collective awakening with THE IBIZA EXPERIMENT through meditation, prayer and healing ceremonies.
Use the domino and butterfly effect to achieve a critical mass and trigger the Hundredth Monkey Effect.
Unite and relativize all belief systems, dogmas in the consciousness of the new scientific paradigm of the holographic and connected Universe.

Join Us, Become a Riser
For 21€ / year : have ALL access for ALL events.


For The Body

Bring together top world explorers of consciousness and awakening.

For The Heart

Share a supreme level of love, energy and goodwill amongst all the nations of the world.

For The Mind

Heal Humanity. Serve Peace. Awaken Consciousness.

For The Collective

Offer solutions and experiments with a new model of society.

The Ibiza Experience

The Ibiza Experience


Based on research by Pr John Hagelin :

and The Washington Experience :