from 17 to 20 May 2018




We are delighted to announce a
new movement born in Ibiza:

First Step
Gather as many beings as possible to synchronize and meditate for a few minutes
For Peace, Liberation and Human Awakening,,
para For the victory of Love.


Love always wins in the end.
Thank you all.
For a new meeting soon

  • A Multicultural Gathering
  • An International Congress for World Peace
  • A Sacred Feminine Healing and Peace Village
  • A Synchronized Worldwide Meditation
  • A Music Festival


Support the movement & Become a riser!

Be a member of our association and participate as co-creator as speaker, facilitator, practitioner , artisan, artiste….
Thank you to join the movement

Our guests



Celtic tradition keeper, peace activist.

Khurelbaatar Khuramkhan


The spiritual chief of the most important shamanic community in mongolia

James Robideau

(Nation Lakota)

Medecine man, sundance man, President of Lakota Youth project.



Guardians of peyote

Thierry Becourt & Stephanie Roche


Pax Cultura International directors.

Jean Luc Penet


Weaver of being. Potential Developer.

Kazuhisa Ogawa


Oznu ancestral japanese healing tradition keeper.

Paul Fournier


Ambassador of Peace, member of B.I.S.O.N international.

Fabio Paolo Marchesi


Writer and scientist. Quantum Field Theory applied to Happiness.

Carolina Corada


International A Course in Miracles teacher and Ibiza Enlight Festival.

Abuela Tolmani


700 women moon dance and tonalama knowledge keeper.

Chris Dews


Renewable energies, Nature protector, Casita verde, FenixIbiza founder.

Yaya N’bem tam, Etincelle, Mère U & Tourbillon


Bwiti ceremony traditional keepers.

Marylin Black Elk

(Nation Lakota)

Sacred fire, “Inipi” sweatlodge, pipe ceremony,



Yoga of Silence

Jeremie Quidu


Terapeuta mediante el sonido de cuencos de cuarzo

Manu Om


Bhakti Yoga

Mina Petersson


Co-Founder of SunSunLove Yoga Solstice Fest.

Hugues Pieto


Founder of Don’t Fuck My Planet

Alexander Mendeluk


Digital Shaman, Entrepreneur, Speaker

Olga Letykai


Chamane and medecine women of Tchouke tradition

Sat Guru Kaur Khalsa


Kundalini Research Institute

OJeanette Carleson


NLP Self Love Coach and Motivator.

George Nuku

(New Zealand)

Highly regarded Maori Artist

Luisa y Freddy Muratori


Ibiza Atlantis 3000 project

Miguel Cabeza


Alchemist, specialist in various scientific disciplines and healer.

Gerliin Urguu Shaman Munkhbat’s


Shaman Mongol

Pipi Sol


Ibiza princess of Peace, medium & healer