Rise Up Ibiza is a movement. Association of organisations and humans united for the same purpose : activate a planetary healing process and a global consciousness awakening ; create a collective miracle from and with Ibiza.

The Dream Team

  • Steeve Nyatepe-coo Paradis
    Steeve Nyatepe-coo ParadisCreator RISE Up and Coordinator

    Founder of Rise Up Ibiza and initiator of the Ibiza “critical mass” Experience.
    Psychologist, psychotherapist and author, I trust in the good in human and in a planetary healing-awakening for a better world.

  • Elsa Pehe
    Elsa PeheCo-creator - Communication - Coordinator
    Globetrotter adventurer, after more than 20 years of travelling and working as a photographer & video reporter around our magical planet, I finally found my Home in Ibiza  few years ago.
    In charge of Communication & Coordination, this year we will work as well on the development of the shamanic retreats
  • Abuelita
      AbuelitaGuardian of the spirit and ethic of Rise Up

      Psychiatrist, psychotherapist elder and observer. Partisane of the union between science culture and tradition for peace and healing

    • Delphine

        Curious and passionate about life. Passionate about art and decoration, I let my creative potential serve the Rise Up as a volunteer. I sincerely believe in our intentions and in our love. This love that brings us together for a magnificent experience and that by its resonance emits a benevolent vibration for our world and humanity. Let us unite for peace. Everything is in us.

      • Betsy Parra
          Betsy ParraMember

          My name is Betsy Parra, I’ve been on this wonderful island since 1979, my hobbies, gluten-free energetic cooking and being able to collaborate with friends.

        • Indira
          • Emanuela
            • Alberto Enrique
                Alberto EnriqueMember
              • Bu Ingrao
                  Bu Ingrao

                  I am truly blessed to love what I do. As a primary care provider, acupuncturist from California, I am passionate about empowering my patients in their health journey, using tools from Chinese Medicine, Massage, Yoga, Dance, Somatic movement, Breathwork, Visualisation, Mindfulness and Vibration medicine to integrate all the different aspects of mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

                  I have had my private practice in Holistic Healing Arts since 2005, in California and now currently based in Europe. It is a privilege and an honor to be on this path of service, as I love sharing what I learned, helping my patients regain hope, and following up on their inner transformation is hugely gratifying.

                • Kim Jordi
                    Kim JordiCrowdfunding and Community Manager
                    A mountain girl at its origin with an island girl heart, my passion for dance & electronic music brought me to Ibiza where the dancefloor is my office. A firm believer that one person can change the world but that together we are stronger, I am proud and honored to hold the East position in Rise Up, the one of the Rising Sun. The magical White Isle seduced me and Rise Up helps me spread my wings. Namaste
                  • Zoé Jadoul
                      Zoé JadoulInternational Press and Medias
                      I am in charge of coordinating the event and all press and international media relations. After 5 years of journalism studies in Paris and a year in the film production industry, I fell in love with the island of Ibiza where I live today. Today i’m blessed to share it and spread this wonderfull light all around me.
                    • Iris Schaak
                      Iris SchaakTherapist, Life Guide & Nutrition in the nature Based on natural evolution in health & medicine

                      Creator of the workshop about the evolution psychology and health.
                      With many interesting informations about the differences between the lifestyle of the native people & our modern life.

                    • Mina
                        MinaRepresentative of Sunstun Love Yoga Solstice Fest

                        Sunstun Love Yoga are going to give Kundalini Yoga classes every morning from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. Mantras, Pranayamas, Kryia…

                      • Aurore “Sun Rise”
                          Aurore “Sun Rise”Dance & Healing coordinator

                          Passionate about music and free movement, I believe in dance medicine and its power of healing, liberation, love, gathering, unity of heart and elevation of energies. I am part of the Rise Up team and coordinate the Dance / Free Movement pole where we will create magical experiences that bring joy, freedom, authenticity and pleasure to the process of opening hearts.

                        • Giuseppe Palmisano
                            Giuseppe PalmisanoRepresentative of Sunstun Love Yoga Solstice Fest

                            Sunstun Love Yoga are going to give Kundalini Yoga classes every morning from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. Mantras, Pranayamas, Kryia…

                          • Mo Chaudry
                              Mo ChaudryAngel and Guardian

                              Mo Chaudry, first supporter, partner, organiser and believer of the Rise Up Ibiza movement. Suddenly passed away january 14th, 2017. Honour Member forever. R.I.P brother.

                            • Carolina Corada
                              Carolina CoradaInternational A Course in Miracles teacher and Ibiza Enlight Festival
                            • Francesca Bertolino
                              Francesca BertolinoGraphic & Creative Designer
                            • Agnes Esther
                                Agnes EstherManagement control
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