Movement to serve the healing and global awakening of humanity.

Meeting and Exchange of ancestral cultures, therapeutic tools, traditions, sciences and wisdom. Meditation and collective prayer. Creation as a whole of the possible miracle from IBIZA.


ays of meetings, ancestral ceremonies and collective healing processes.

Science, Psychology, Medicine, Healers, Religions and Belief Systems united to liberate humanity, to give peace an opportunity and remind people of their own power.
In the name of LOVE, we all have and we can all be.

Welcome ! Discover the Ibicenca Culture, its natural, mystical and healing sides.

Heal Humanity & Protect Mother Earth

From ancient traditions to ultimate technologies.

  • Receive coaching, therapeutic and ancestral tools.
  • Discover innovations & inventions, ancestral healing traditions.
  • Bring together the strength of wellness, healthy and spiritual communities in Ibiza.

Serve Peace

The 1st Ibiza International Congress for Global Peace & Wisdom including indigenous peoples & religions representatives, doctors, psychologists, scientists and guardians of Mother Earth.

  • Meet and talk to tradition keepers, wise peoples & activists for a better world.

Awake Consciousness

For creating a sustanable civilisation and collective thrive organization.

  • The power of sharing, thinking and creating together world for our children.
  •  The invisible and visible actions of men and women intention.
  • Heal yourself, your family, be true. Enpower yourself-help and solidarity.
  •  Experiment the interconnection and active-conscious synchronicity with the new paradigm of the Connected Universe from the last scientific discoveries.
  • Activate the collective awakening by meditation, prayers and healing ceremonies circles. A chain reaction of connected hearts.
  •  Use the domino & butterfly effects, 101st monkey phenomenon and critical mass theory.
  • Unite and relativisate all the beliefs systems, dogmas in the consciousness of a new scientist paradigm : the holographic connected universe.
  • To Create a sustainable civilisation of caring and sharing.

Special Features – Benefits of Attending

  • Attend the world peace congress, wellbeing unique worshops and activities
  • Participate in traditional healing ceremonies (Japaneses, Mongolians, Maoris, Amerindians, Africans, Celtics…)
  • Private, individual and family session : healing technics, therapies, coaching, quantum tools, ancestral traditions methods
  • Market of local and healthy products, natural foods and drinks, music and fun, Ibiza local currency, recycling products, art and craftsmanship
  • Practical knowledge to shift and share insights
  • Present, expose and sell your product, innovation or creation for a better world
  • Offer to your brand and group the benefits of visibility through international and social networks created in Ibiza island