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Chief Black Spotted Horse prayer for Rise Up Ibiza and the Ibiza experience
David Solomon, co-creator of the world indigenous forum
Queen Diambi from Congo, ambassador of the Ibiza experience

The Concept

Asocial, philosophical and scientific associative movement aimed at inviting and bringing together the maximum of people, beliefs and human cultures to participate in an unprecedented experience.
The idea : to demonstrate that a simple and synchronized individual action, accomplished by a sufficient number of people, can improve the world, by creating a quantum resonance viral phenomenon.

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.
Yoko Ono, artist, singer, songwriter and peace activist
When we dream alone it is only a dream, but when many dream together it is the beginning of a new reality.
Friedensreich Hundertwasser, artist and architect

For this, Rise Up IBIZA has 2 major tools

The Ibiza experience

The Rise Up Ibiza mouvement invite invites all peoples to participate in an unprecedented experience :


Its Singularity

To bring together in a single experience social psychology, collective therapy, scientific theories, religious beliefs, quantum physics and ancestral prophecies of the victory of Love

The Foundation

Our heart and our brain are powerful electromagnetic field generators that influence our physical body, our mind and our environment. When our hearts unite, we create together a wave resonance that propagates in all directions. Being in love, singing, being happy, meditating or praying are amplifying states of this “cardiac coherence field”.

The Hypothesis

The resonance of 144000 hearts and minds united and meditating at the same time in the same place will provoke a chain reaction, a very positive “butterfly effect” for Ibiza, its inhabitants, Humanity and planet Earth.

The Idea

To gather the maximum of hearts and consciences to meditate together and at the same time, at least a minute every day at 22:22.

The Place

  • All over the world for the first phase of the experiment.
  • IBIZA for the second phase of the experiment.
  • Ibiza and Es Vedra are two powerful natural geomagnetic amplifiers. The Mediterranean Sea is also an ideal wave resonator for a “hundredth monkey” type phenomenon or according to Professor Masaru Emoto’s work.

The Purpose

To obtain a critical mass of 144,000 people meditating at the same time on the island of IBIZA so that the experience resonates with the most well-known and expected prophecy of Western culture.


The island of Ibiza with its officials and some associations wish to gather all inhabitants to show the world a new and true face of the island: its traditions, nature, tolerance, artists and natural mystic…the abundance of Ibiza and all its cultures and nations that makes Ibiza be Ibiza.
Ibiza is a healing island and we want to highlight these aspects as well: yoga, meditation and healing centers, retreats and events are all around.


We propose to open Ibiza during the off season period to allow everybody to come and benefit from the various knowledge, innovations and healing processes offered, in private or groups.
Let’s imagine Ibiza to become the place where the best brains, healers and creatives come to teach, share their knowledge and allow this island to be a laboratory of human solutions and evolution…


ideas, energy, creativity and ways of life to connect and enjoy! By bringing together the maximum of wise people, therapists, awakeners, traditions’ representatives, scientists and healers we want to create an Open Wisdom & Knowledge Academy to help heal humanity, serve peace and awake consciousness.
The World Wisdom & Peace Gathering will offer a wide range of activities and many events for example

The Rise Up Gathering

These are punctual events aimed at channeling, concentrating and amplifying the gathering experience in one place of the participants, essentially IBIZA. During these meetings with wise men, scientists, therapists and repositories of ancestral traditions of humanity are invited to share their knowledge, their ceremonies and their dimension and to give them a dimension to the politics on which they want to be transpersonal, trans-religious scientific theories, historical facts, ancestral prophecies, religious beliefs and known astronomical cycles.

Serve Peace and Native Peoples' Human Rights.

The 1rd International Congress for PEACE in Ibiza, including native peoples of different parts of the world, religious representatives, doctors, psychologists, scientists, guardians and protectors of the planet.

Meet and talk with guardians of traditions, wise men and women
and activists working for a better world.

Healers of Humanity and Protectors of Mother Earth

From ancestral traditions to the latest technologies.

Receive several healing sessions and key coaching tools, discover the latest technologies, inventions and innovations. Gathering of the strength of Wellness, health and spiritual communities in Ibiza.

Awakening of Consciousness

To create together a sustainable civilization of collaboration, caring and support.

Activate the collective awakening with THE IBIZA EXPERIMENT through meditation, prayer and healing ceremonies.
Use the domino and butterfly effect to achieve a critical mass and trigger the Hundredth Monkey Effect.
Unite and relativize all belief systems, dogmas in the consciousness of the new scientific paradigm of the holographic and connected Universe.