Become a Riser



I, decide to become a RISER. As a RISER, I engage my being and my life to live as best as i can as a servant of the Divine Universe purpose who is LOVE. I engage myself to awake and rise the best version of me.
  • I accept to help the Human kind to Awake and Rise, to Evolve and Be Free.
  • I accept to learn, to have the humility to make errors and repair them.
  • I accept to be compassion, understanding as a peace maker.
  • I accept to be true with myself and the others.
  • I accept to do my best to not judge, not blame and not gossip about my sisters and brothers human beings. For that, i engage myself to see the world with the eyes of my Heart.

As a RISER I engage my life to help the achievement of the various human prophecies of LOVE VICTORY, by my actions and behaviors, by my service and love, by sharing the best of myself. I gonna support the RISE UP movement to grow and i gonna help the others.
With the gift of 21€ I support the RISE UP movement and become a RISER of LOVE.