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Lakota Nation

And the Black Hills Project


eet Chief Black Spotted Horse and the Black Hills project


iscover the Lakota nation, culture, tradition, sacred ceremonies and prophecy

October 9th and 10that Las Dalias, Ibiza

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Meet Chief Black Spotted Horse

Elder and representative of the Lakota Nations.

Through songs and prayers, sacred pipe ceremonies and sweat lodges, drumming, The Black Spotted Horse leader will share his story, that of his people and their prophecies.

The Black Hills project

Rebirth of a Nation in the Heart of Everything that is.

140 years ago the Black Hills were stolen from the Lakota. Native Americans have used this Sacred Land for ceremonies for thousands of years. This project is the fulfillment of Crazy Horse’s Vision in an effort to return some Black Hills land to Native American management. Land returning to traditional and cultural use after 7 generations !
Fundraising is critical to “reclaim” land. In 2018, this initiative plans to purchase a 1,000+ acre piece of land near the sacred mountain Bear Butte, the place of vision quests, hanbleciya.

Discover the Lakota nation

  • History and prophecies of the Lakota people.
  • The black hills project
  • Songs, prayers and drums
  • Ceremonies of the sacred pipe “Chanupa”
  • Purification ceremonies “Inipi-temazcal”

Bringing The Sacred Back

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October 9th and 10that Las Dalias, Ibiza


  • (00 34) 971 326 825
  • Ctra. San Carlos, km.12 , 07850 Santa Eulalia del río, Ibiza ES
  • https://lasdalias.es/

For the sacred pipe and inipi ceremonies (traditional sweat lodges) it is necessary to reserve for a place, their number being very limited.

  • Contact Steeve
  • +34672899558
  • Contact Elsa
  • +33665560578