1. Prepare

Put your phone alarm every day on 2 schedules: 21:19 and 21:21.
When sounds 21:19, you have 2 minutes to stop what you are doing and prepare to synchronize and connect. Welcome to share your intention with your family, friends, suffering people or the planet, for you and for all

2. It's Time

When sounds 21:21, simply open your heart and resonate with your best vibrations. Emit and receive a benevolent field of Love and Consciousness, from the heart of you, around you and in all directions, as a "ball of Love" that would spread all over the planet and all the people to whom you will think.

3. Share

Talk about the Experience around you, on social networks.
Help us account for the participants by simply clicking on I participate on our website. Share us your favorite meditation technique. With family or friends, this is an opportunity to get together and be kind to others