New York City, often referred to as NYC, is known for its diverse and unique attractions. Among the various subcultures and hidden interests that can be found within the city, nyc foot fetish one particular fascination that has gained attention is the foot fetish scene. This fetish involves a strong attraction or interest in feet and can be expressed through various activities and preferences. While NYC is home to a multitude of different communities and interests, the foot fetish community is one that has found its place within the city’s vibrant and accepting atmosphere. With a multitude of events, clubs, and online platforms dedicated to this niche interest, individuals who have a foot fetish can connect with like-minded individuals and explore their desires in a safe and consensual manner. Whether it is through foot parties, foot worship sessions, or foot-themed events, the foot fetish community in NYC provides a space for individuals to embrace and express their unique interests.

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Dogon Delegation

    Prophet Neb Naba - Choosing the Right Path

    Celt delegation

    Sufi guest

    • Abuelita
      AbuelitaGuardian of the spirit and ethic of Rise Up

      Psychiatrist, psychotherapist elder and observer. Partisane of the union between science culture and tradition for peace and healing

      • Salahuddin Costa
        Salahuddin Costa(Ibiza)

        Representative the Sufi muslim people of Ibiza, and guide

      Speaker and Therapists

      • Philippe Bobola
        Philippe Bobolaphysicist, biologist, anthropologist, psychoanalyst

        In this surprising physics that is quantum physics, we know that to measure is to disrupt the result as well by the instruments used by the one who makes the measurement. There is no separation between “measurer” and “measured”. The measurer is called participant. A quantum universe is conceived as a set of potentialities that can be modified by the participant’s thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

        The consequence is that we are the actualizers of our lives, of our health, of our conscience … and that it is possible to bifurcate the destiny of humanity !!! This is not a utopia, it is a REALITY that modern science opposes to a form of refusal of a paradigm shift, which remains attached to Newton’s physics.

        Let us be true participants in consciousness to the evolution of our humanity since we have the power! Philippe Bobola will make us taste this power during a conference open to all.

      • Michelle Mc Laughlin
        Michelle Mc Laughlin(Ibiza)

        Michelle has a deep interest in how the body works since her studies, where she studied biology, anatomy, physiology and physical education. Michelle is also a passionate martial artist with a history of karate and Thai boxing. These disciplines have helped her immensely in her work on the body and the mechanics of the body.

        Michelle lived 4 years in Panama. There, she trained with many therapists, offering a multitude of styles and techniques that gave her a unique advantage. Since his first visit to Ibiza more than 10 years ago, this uplifting island has a special place in his heart. She is grateful to be able to share her passion through her work, in such a beautiful and inspiring place.

      • Konstantin Jagoulis
        Konstantin Jagoulis(Gong Master)
        • Jeremie Quidu
          Jeremie Quidu(Quartz Bowls)
          • Vanesa Pique
            Vanesa Pique(France)

            YOGA VIBRANT, It’s time to be reborn and reconnect.
            The class will focus on the wood element and the ALLBLADDER meridian.To flower your being.

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