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  • Ninawa Huni Kui
    Ninawa Huni Kui

    Cacique of the HuniKui people in the Amazon

    • Bruno Hofstetter
      Bruno Hofstetter

      Shaman, European specialist in shamanic rituals from Scandinavian mythology and working with runes

      • Appolinaire Oussou Lio
        Appolinaire Oussou Lio

        Prince of a first people in Benin. Appolinaire replants sacred forests in Africa with children and ancient wisdom

        • Ali Khatar
          Ali Khatar

          Child of the desert, shaman of nomadic ancestral tradition, actor of the project in Morocco to take care of and re-green Mother Earth

          • Isaka Rui HuniKui
            Isaka Rui HuniKui

            Musician-singer and shaman-healer, brings the voice of the forest